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For back-to-school we opt for the two-fabric raincoat in transparent plastic and metallic nylon, with its logo cord and matching backpack. For children, the gold, which takes its inspiration from the sequins on the catwalk, is translated into mixed silk: dress trousers with smocked backs and a bow belt, Harlequin ceremony dress with oversized flower collar. The 2nd theme, named CONEY ISLAND COOL AND STREET, plays with translucent pink, pop colours and all the symbols of amusement parks: apples, ice cream, neon lights and more. Soft denim and Lyocell (dress, pleated skirt, jumpsuit shorts, cropped trousers) mix with duffel and synthetic leather (shorts, bombers), and translucent plastic for accessories. This season’s print is the all-over apple. Very New York City