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Bobo Choses Clothing
Bobo Choses  "UP IS DOWN " AW23 Collection is available in our Brighton store now and online on 13.7.23.. Blending the real and the imaginary, Bobo Choses is a line of clothing & accessories that embraces a child’s creativity, playfulness and love of life. With a collection of fun clothes, accessories, and storybooks that bring the collections to life, there is a range of exciting things to choose from. It’s never too late to have fun!
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Encouraging Imagination With Bobo Choses Clothing
As adults, it can be easy to forget the pure joy and wonder that comes with childhood play. But encouraging imagination and creativity in kids are crucial not only for their development but also for when they start becoming adult with big and bright ideas for the future. One way we can do this is through their clothing. Rather than dressing them in drab and practical clothes, why not encourage their imaginations with the bright colours and playful designs in the Bobo Choses clothing line? 
Clothing is a form of self-expression, allowing children to experiment with different identities and roles during play. It also invites others to interact with them in new ways. So if you’re looking to buy kids designer clothes or baby clothes online, consider choosing something fun and imaginative - who knows where it may lead them? Let's give kids the opportunity to let their creative spirits soar.
Explore More About Bobo Choses
Bobo is a way of being. Although most adults may not understand it, it is very natural for children. Living on the border between reality and imagination; swapping between logic and nonsense; accepting everyone as a friend whether big or small, colourful, shy or grumpy, real or invented; stretching and compressing time as they please. Let’s talk Bobo. Enjoy!
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Bobo Choses Clothing - FAQ

Where is Bobo Choses Clothing from?

Bobo Choses is a kids & adults clothing brand that was founded in 2008 in Barcelona, Spain. They brought their visions to life in an old toy factory near the sea, where they learn manufacturing techniques from the locals. With an environmentally friendly and ethical mindset, the company endeavours to tread softly by using almost exclusively local production and recycled & organic materials. Designed with comfortable shapes, the clothing is made to be worn every day and encourages the wearer to embrace their creativity, playfulness, and excitement for life. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept a range of payment methods from all major payment providers including credit cards, PayPal, Afterpay, Eftpos (in-store only) and direct deposit! Shop the latest trends in kids' clothing this season at Buckets and Spades.